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We at M&D Accounting Multiservice LLC proud ourselves of the service we provide to our customers in our Latino community, our staff will always try to find the best solutions for your case, that's our commitment.

We Are Here to Help!

Filling Out Tax Form
Business Conference
Let's talk about your plans, ideas and possibilities, and how can we help you ground them to a critical route and realistic deadlines. 
At M&D Accounting Multiservice Associates LLC we will guide you in the right steps to get your taxes done the right way 
On Parle Francais
Strategic Planning
Small Business Tax Returns
Women Owned Business
Minority Owned Small Business Startups
Senior Businesswoman
Small Business Accounting
We work now with 
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  • Auto-track income and expenses

  •  Pay employees and contractors

  •  Always know where you stand

  • Fast

  •  Easy

  • Affordable

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