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Traffic & Driving Courses Services*


M&D Accounting Multiservice Associates, LLC  companies provide a sharp service in your traffic violations and driving instruction needs, as well as guidance to fill up DMV forms for driver's license renewals, requests and modifications. 

Traffic tickets. If your traffic ticket it's disputable,

we will guide you in how to do it properly. 

DMV Tramits. We will assist you in the right paperwork for your

vehicle's DMV tramits. 

  • Photo ID

  • Plate renewals and registrations

  • Commercial and personal plate return/surrender

  • Driver's license paperwork assistance

  • Driver's permit paperwork assistance

  • Appointments for road test

  • Vehicle titles

  • Duplicate titles 

  • Salvage vehicles paperwork assistance. 


..and many more services get it done for you.

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NY Driving License Services*


We assist you in the request/renewal of your NYS Driver's license, and guidance for your driving test, course and application.

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* Some of the professional services we offer are thru third parties
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